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Tooth Extractions at Smile Artistry!

Tooth Extraction, also Tooth Removal, is the treatment to remove a tooth from your mouth.  Teeth may be removed for many reasons, and the majority are removed to treat or prevent infections, bad decay, major gum disease, and crowding. 

At Smile Artistry Dental, your tooth extraction treatment will be performed in the chair in most cases.  To remove wisdom teeth or to have treatment with a General Anaesthetic you will be referred for treatment in Brisbane City.

During your Tooth Extraction your tooth and surrounding jaw will be numb so that you do not feel any discomfort.  It is best to take it easy following your appointment and follow instructions to ensure as little as possible trauma is caused to the area.  

After Extraction Instructions are similar to having a After Having a Dental Implant Placed, View Here

Special Techniques to Save Damage to the Bone!
It is widely accepted that tooth extraction should cause little trauma to the bone and gums.  This reduced trauma will result in less loss of bone. New techniques and technology make this process simpler than before.  Instruments such as The Benex Extraction System and Misch Goldern Physics Forceps are able to painlessly and effectively remove even very broken down teeth without cutting the bone and gums.


Planned Extraction Therapy
Today, ethical dental care involves Planned Extraction Therapy.  This means that before we remove your tooth we will discuss the consequnces of tooth removal and ensure that a plan is made for tooth replacement.  

To replace a tooth, usually Dental Implants will be recommended.  Dental Implant Treatments require good bone amounts, and it may be best that at the time of tooth removal, your jaw bone is reconstructed with a minor bone graft procedure.  This procedure will take only a few minutes and the majority of the time makes Dental Implant Treatment more simple.

Planned Tooth Replacement Therapy
In planning to replace your tooth following tooth extraction, Planned Tooth Replacement Therapy is important.

Tooth Replacement Options:

 Leave the Gap
Dental Implants
Orthodontics (to close the space)

Tooth Extraction Cost Estimate: $ 250-400

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.