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Dental Implant Information

A Smile Artistry™ Dental Implant Plan is your solution to missing, loose or badly broken teeth.  Your Dental Implant Plan begins with our Dentists discussing and assessing your concerns, signs and symptoms.  We will make a plan with you to tailor treatment to your needs.

Signs of Problems with your teeth

Signs of problems with teeth begin with:

  • Sensitivity
  • Discomfort
  • Redness
  • Ache
  • Discolouration

And major signs of problems with teeth include:

  • Loose
  • Discomfort requiring medication
  • Swelling
  • Draining infection
  • Gum Loss


Following removal of un-fixable teeth there is an ability to make the bone and gums healthy.  Following, Dental Implants can give you another go to healthy teeth with a beaufitul smile.

Dental Implant Treatments

The ability of Dental Implants to treat many different scenarios is unique.

The Single Missing Tooth

A Single Missing Tooth can be replaced with a Dental Implant.  The tooth position, bone shape and size, bone quality, gum health and shrinkage, adjacent teeth and bite set-up are all considerations in this treatment.  One missing tooth is replaced with a single Dental Implant, usually with a Porcelain EmaxTM Crown to give a normal looking and functioning tooth again!

The Multiple Missing Teeth

The Multiple Missing Teeth can also be replaced with Dental Implants.  There are similar considerations to a single missing tooth, however the determining factor to the number and position of dental implants have been reported in the Misch Implant Force Factors.  After careful consideration, not all adjacent missing teeth require Dental Implants, and combinations of crowns and bridges on Dental Implants may be achievable.  

All Missing Teeth

All Missing Teeth can be treated in many different ways.  In the most tooth-like form, Dental Implants will provide stabilisation for a fixed Dental Implant Bridge.  This Implant Bridge is fixed in the mouth, and the person does not need to remove the teeth to clean.

If removable teeth are indicated, then the Dental Implants may hold a bar with clips to the denture, or the implants may directly hold clips to stabilise the denture.  These direct clips are often used on the lower jaw.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Treatment Plans

Your first appointment will involve a Dental Implant Consultation where our experienced Dentists discuss your concerns and explain the treatment process and the expected result of treatment.

Your Dental Implant Treatment will be planned by with creation of your Smile Artistry™ Dental Implant Plan.  

Your personalised Dental Implant Plan will address your concerns and make recommendations on treatments. Your Dental Implant Plan will cover the recommended time-frame of your teeth implant procedures and a schedule of costs and dental implant prices.

If teeth require removal this may be performed before or at the same time as your Dental Implant Surgery. At ‘The Smile Artistry Dental Implant Centre’ we have the latest technology, allowing us to place your dental implants in the dental chair with minimal discomfort and without the need for a General Anaesthetic, and with less cost. We find that by providing Dental Implant Surgery on-site we can better place near cosmetically-perfect temporary teeth at the time of your surgery, rather than driving elsewhere to have teeth inserted.

Following a healing period, allowing for the integration of your bone onto the surface of the Dental Implant, the tooth is ready to be connected to the Dental Implant. Smile Artistry is currently using combinations of Zirconia abutments/posts and EmaxTM Porcelain for best-possible dental implant cosmetic results. See Our Gallery

In specific cosmetic areas, there may be additional appointments to correctly adjust, sculpt and shape the gum-line contour to match our new teeth near-perfectly with your other natural teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dental Implant Recovery Times

Following your Dental Implant Surgery you will receive specific instructions to assist with the recovery process.  It is important to follow these instructions to heal as quick as possible.  It is usual to feel some light discomfort following the surgery, however after 24 hours this discomfort should subside.  Any discomfort can be managed with pain relief.

Tooth Loss and the Benefits of Dental Implants

As teeth grow in our jaw they stimulate bone growth.  As teeth are lost or removed, the stimulation of jaw bone stops and the jaw bone shrinks away.  The more that are lost, the more the jaw bone will shrink away.

When all teeth in a jaw are missing the effects of the bone loss may be more pronounced and visible in facial appearance:

  • Decreased face height and wrinkles around the lips
  • Poor muscle tone and difficulty with face expressions around the lips
  • Thin lips
  • Aged appearance
Some 88% of people with full dentures report difficulty with speech.  A person with fifteen year old full dentures can chew with only 6psi of pressure compared to a person with all of their teeth who can chew with 200psi pressure.
The effects of poorer chewing often result in poorer nutrition, and a decreased life expectancy of an elder with full dentures.
After many years of wearing full dentures, later in life, in severe cases, elders may not be able to wear dentures.
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


What are the costs of Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Consultation: $97

Dental Implant Costs start at $ 5,200 for single tooth replacement.  For more than one tooth, the cost will vary depending on the number of teeth to be replaced, the number of Dental Implants required, and bone factors such as amount and quality.

How long will my treatment take?

Length of Treatment varies with different parts of our mouth.  In general, your first phase of treatment is the planning and health stage.  This may involve digital imaging, cleaning of teeth and removal of teeth which are not being kept. Bone Grafting may be required before Dental Implants can be placed where severe bone loss has occurred.

Your Second Stage of Treatment is the placement of your Dental Implants.  In general, this will be performed in the Dental Chair with only Local Anaesthetic.

The Dental Implants will then heal at the bone and gum level for a period of between three to six months before your final teeth will be constructed and fitted.